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Our dreams for the community are ambitious. We’d love your help to make them a reality.

Your dollars will help us...

Train Local Leaders

We can hire and train local leaders across all demographics to give back to the communities they call home.

Create Safe Spaces

We can continue to co-create safe and nurturing environments where children can be children

Forge Partnerships

We can foster and sustain partnerships with fellow organizations who empower San Francisco youth and their families.

Inform Public Health

We can empower people with information about what COVID-19 is—and what it is not—to stop the spread.

Be Resilient

We can listen to and validate the shifting needs of our people—and then meet them.

In case it helps, here are some special numbers for us:

  • $100: The cost to assemble one air filtration unit which mitigates pollution and reduces risk of Covid-19 transmission.

  • $124: In honor of 94124, the Bayview, where we are proud and privileged to have focused so much of our Covid-19 advocacy.

  • $134: In honor of 94134, Visitacion Valley/Sunnydale, another key neighborhood we’re humbled to build alongside.

  • $30: The number of partner organizations who trust in our mission and have enabled us to make a profound difference where it matters most.

  • $20: One dollar for each current Safer Together staff member making a daily impact.

Make a donation via PayPal

If you are interested in supporting above the $1000 level, or have donation questions please contact:

Checks made out to "Safer Together" can be mailed to 29 Precita Ave., San Francisco, CA 94110 

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