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From conceptualization to execution, we've been vigilant about tracking and analyzing the data of all we do. The insights data provides us allow us to build on our community programs, so that we can help as many as possible in sustainable ways. We are grateful to partners who have helped build our vision closer to a reality.

Please feel free to read through any of the following reports to learn more about how we come together to make long-lasting impact.

Impact Reports

Safer Together 2023 Infographic

What did the year hold for us?

Safer Together 2022 Infographic

All we got done in 2022 - with your help.

Self-Admin 2022 Impact Report

A summary of our Self-Admin project: what does testing look like in the hands of our partners?

Safer Together Community Impact Analysis (USF)

Our organization's strides and hope for the future, as captured through deep research courtesy of students in USF's MNA621 course.


Your support helps us help community members in need.

With your help, we can continue impacting as many as possible. 

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